Why babies make me turn into a weirdo

I’ll be the first to admit it: I love babies. I love how cute they are, how sweetly they smell, how warm they are when you hold them. When I think about it, I’ve always loved babies – and not just of the human variety.


So when my friends get pregnant, I become like an overly-attached girlfriend. Suddenly I want to know what they’re eating, what their symptoms are, what they think they’ll name the baby etc.


I start becoming that weird friend with zero boundaries.


I also become a Doctor in all things baby despite NEVER having had a child because I love to read and sometimes articles on babies, pregnancy, etc both horrify and fascinate me. So random factoids get stuck in my brain and I feel compelled to share.


I feel compelled to buy tons of baby-related things that I find humorous or adorable. (I am so sorry to all my friends for all the onesies and dresses I’ve bought your children)


And I continue to harass my friends until the baby is out into the world.



Then when the baby finally does arrive I’m like the family member no one asked for. I will assure the infant that I will be like a cool aunt, in their lives whenever they need me (which they won’t because they have a family full of REAL aunts and uncles who will do that).

Sometimes I like to cement the idea that their entrance into this world is a miracle.  Because when you think about it, making and having a baby IS WILD. LIKE THINK ABOUT IT. ITS SO COOL. And I get excited about that, and I like to remind them that they are just at the start of their lives and the world is theirs to conquer.

My husband… does not always share these sentiments. He loves babies, but in more of a passive way. He likes to hold sometimes, thinks babies are cute, likes to play games with them sometimes etc. But he doesn’t seem to have that particular affection I do.


So really I guess its a good thing. He keeps me grounded and from spending thousands on onsies that no one asked for and from calling friends at 5am just because I had “a really strong feeling” that their baby would be born that morning.

Shout out to all my friends who have given birth and put up with my antics! I LOVE BEING THAT CREEPY PSEUDO-AUNT-FIGURE THAT YOU DIDN’T ASK FOR.


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