Sometimes I have amazing people who want to help spread the word of Odd but Nice. This page is a collection (so far of one) of articles where people showcase my blog! Yay!

Running Scared

The Urban Momtographer/Running Scared is run by my friend Lindsay and gives a lot of insight into her daily life, her struggles and many other personal things. Its a great read. The day that she highlighted my blog, the views of my blog went up 100X! She’s amazingly supportive.

 Love- Life Project

This amazing woman I don’t even know and she featured my blog (among some hilarious others!) Many thanks to the Love-Life project!

2 thoughts on “SHOUT OUTS

  1. I thought you were a crocheter, I follow people and ads that are crocheters (it never died). Anyway, nice pic of the cat w/horses, cats cant have enough of them if you got one, youll have another.

    As for the Macys star (Sarah Jesdsica Parker?) I workout everyday and have no resemblance of those muscles! Saving the horse pic

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