Why I have mixed feelings about snow Part 1

You should know that I LOVE snow. Like I am the person that is inherently lazy but will go for a two hour walk in the freezing snow because… SNOW!


People around me don’t always agree. And their responses this year have fallen into the following camps:



My Mom is especially bad. She has always had this irrational fear of us driving in the snow. I do not know where it comes from, but I assure you, it is rather embarrassing. One such event took place while I was still living at home while working and going to school.

Let me set the scene. It had snowed overnight. A whole 5 mm if that. Please understand, I could see cement and grass through the snow. It was NOT a big deal. But as I’m getting ready, this happened:









Little did I know my undying love for snow was going to be tested….



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