Why I had the November Blues

Guys I know its been FOREVER since I last posted, but it’s been madness the last little bit! But you have been the most amazing readers and so included in this post is not one, but TWO entries mashed together! ENJOY! And yes, I know its pathetic that I’m posting about November in December.

November is a weird month. It follows my favorite month, October. October is hard to beat. And it precedes December which has Christmas which I also love. So really, November just always falls short. On the other hand, at the very end of November is my birthday. And if you’ve read this blog before, you know how I DIG my birthday. But mostly November consists of the following:
Being cold ALL THE TIME.


Weather that is so crappy with rain and grey that it makes me want to do nothing but curl up in a blanket and sleep.



Or look out the window at the miserable weather and cry.


Its also the time when I leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark. If I work inside that day, my day has no sunlight. And that’s a bummer.



So this November 30th was my 30th birthday. A champagne birthday if you will. I was very excited for it.

That’s a lie.

I was excited because we were going away on vacation for my 30th somewhere sunny. The actual turning 30 thing?

Yeah, not really into it. It kind of hung over my head.


I feel my age started slowly creeping up on me in my late 20’s. At 29 the following incident occured.




And since I am one of the youngest in my friend group, trying to explain my general sadness about my approaching 30’s was always somehow a bomb waiting to go off.





Then it was my face. My once youthful face that now looked like a leather bag left out in the sun.




Suddenly shopping became a chore.

Shopping in my 20’s.


Shopping at 30


People started asking about my non-existant children, the fact that I still made a cartoon blog seemed immature and it doesn’t help that I have a 15-year-old sister that is on the cutting edge of pop culture.


Things I used to enjoy now just seem to irritate me.


But then my husband threw me a surprise party and I had my friends shower me with love and presents, and I had awesome readers like you say how much you enjoyed my blog and I realized that for the first time in forever I really love my job and my cat is starting to be more loving and I got to go somewhere beautiful and sunny for two whole weeks.

And that maybe 30 won’t be so bad after all.


So here’s to our childhoods! Our teenage years! Our 20’s and 30’s or 40’s or 50’s or 60’s or 70’s or 80’s or 90’s or 100’s! Let’s celebrate each decade we get because there is so much in life to be excited for!

And an early Merry Christmas Merry Kwanzaa and a late Happy Hanukkah to all my readers! And to everyone else, I wish the most happy of holidays!


❤ Katelyn






Why we should try to see the good

Once a week I take my client to the university my husband works at. On that day my husband and I take the bus together. One particular morning this week however, things got…well…gross.

It started with an adorable British mother and son clammoring onto the bus. They looked sweaty and frazzled. The boy looked concerned and adorable in his owl hat.


The mother was gently cooing at her son, holding him and reading him a story as the bus moved along. I thought it was so wonderful to see.


They were sitting amongst a group of young girls, going over notes, listening to music. Then suddenly, the boy began to squirm.And the words that no one likes to hear coming from a child (especially when you are squished on an over-full bus)






Then I saw it. The panic in everyone’s eyes as they realized they had a very sick boy sitting with them.


The Mother was trying to calm him down, but it was clear this kid was not okay. He started grabbing his stomach and crying. And then the mother did something that I think sealed their doom.

She cupped her hand beneath the young boy’s mouth like a bowl.



I remember thinking in my mind at that exact moment: “No, bad idea. You’ve just given him a makeshift bowl. He is not going to hold back.”

And he didn’t.



And like something out of a movie, it didn’t stop. He just kept barfing and barfing. My husband and I just kept watching in utter shock at what was happening.


And while everyone else on the bus just sat in mute shock, it was the young girls (the type that social media like to pretend only cares about selfies, boys and clothes) jumped into action.

With no ounce of disgust or anger, theses young ladies started handing the mother napkins from their bags, trying to clean the mess off the boy’s shirt and floor.

They were so calm and collected. They didn’t make a bad situation worse. They didn’t scream theatrically or yell. They just wanted to help out a fellow human being.


The mother thanked them profusely, thanking them for being so kind. They just laughed off the situation and did what they could to help.

The saddest part of the trip was when the boy and his mother got off at the next stop and the boy, covered in puke, looks up at his mom with the saddest, biggest eyes and spoke in the most adorable British accent.


Girls, wherever you are, that was really nice to see.


The point of this story is that we tend to focus on the wrongs in life. What people suck at. When people disappoint us. So instead I like to share stories like this- stories where people are unexpected. Where kindness flows so easily.

Try to see the good in people.



Why budgeting is important… but definitely not fun.

Money and budgeting and I have never been on great terms.


Budgeting and my husband however? The best of friends.

My relationship with money had always been a precarious one. Either I was reckless and ridiculous or hyper sensitive to the thought of owing money I didn’t have. Money was to be spent and sort of saved if there was nothing good at the mall or online.



Money and Budgeting and I finally formally met when I got married to my saint of a husband. When my first student loan payment was demanded from me. And suddenly all the days of carefree spending were finished.


We had bought a home. We had a mortgage. I had student loan payments and now with our combined homes we had two cars, two insurance payments to pay each month. And suddenly after mapping out my monthly budget, my extra frivolities went out the window. And this hurt.



We had grown up money responsibilities. And my attitude to money was fairly juvenile.


I had a really negative relationship with it. I was miserable. I hated that I had to budget. I bemoaned the fact that I wasn’t rich. I would cry out, “BUT I WOULD BE THE BEST RICH PERSON! I WOULD GIVE A BUNCH OF MY MONEY AWAY!” as if that were justification for all my wreck less spending desires.
The other realization was that I was going to have to start saving for my future. At 24 you think you’ll live forever. Putting away money that you won’t be touching until you are old? BIZARRE. But also terrifying to think of what would happen if I didn’t!


But as the years passed and I started learning to budget and then seeing the rewards like yearly tropical vacations and being able to help people out financially and more I was amazed at this feeling I had. This feeling of…accomplishment and pride. Suddenly I didn’t want to burn through our money.





Needless to say my budget-loving husband was joyful.

So while I may miss my days of wreckless spending when I was young and naive – I am glad to know that when I am old and grey I won’t be dependent on a piggy bank with 4 quarters in it.
And that’s a good feeling.

Why plans I make rarely work out.

October 16 2010 is the year that I married my amazing husband. We have been together 5 awesome years and I seriously fall in love with him more and more each year. This year we decided that we wanted to do something special for our five years.
We found something called ‘Theatre in the Country’ – dinner and a play! It seemed SO fun and we were stoked!


Until they called us the night before our anniversary to tell us the following.


I guess theatre in the country is not as popular as one would have hoped.

So my husband being the romantic man that he is decided that we would go to the restaurant that we got engaged at! How romantic and perfect! Plus the restaurant was at the top of a mountain and you get to take a tram ride up and there is a bear enclosure and more! It’s a very cool place and we remembered the food being AMAZING (if not insanely overpriced).

Earlier in the week I had gone to the store to find the perfect card for my husband. Every single year prior I would get a super romantic, sappy card for him and he would get me a funny card. It was great. This year I decided to get a HILARIOUS card to best him!


We arrived at the restaurant in seats that were not stellar. Oh well, the sun was already down we didn’t mind. Then they brought out our portions of food.



Then it was time to exchange our gifts and cards. I handed my husband his card and eagerly awaited.


I felt vindicated. Then it was my turn.






Yep. He got me the most beautiful and heartfelt card I’ve read in forever. And I got him one that made a joke about nerds. Oh gosh.

We decided to go for a drive after our dinner where we both discussed a very important topic that was weighing on our minds.



My husband decided to surprise me by taking me to the ghost train in Stanley Park. For those of you unfamiliar- Its a minature train that takes groups around the park where there are spooky actors being creepy. Because I was so excited I insisted on lots of selfies (cringe).


It started out really well! The costumes and props were really fun. It was all building to what I believed would be a wonderful crescendo of horror (even though my husband was half asleep from boredom).


Except it didn’t.


The train merely picked up speed and then drove through a forest of eyes painted on large blocks of wood.


On our drive home I couldn’t help but observe the many pitfalls that had occured during our special five year anniversary day.





So no, nothing turned out like it was supposed to. But you know what?

That’s okay.

Why October season as an adult is awesome

Ahhhh October, my favorite time of the year. Christmas you can keep your snow. Summer you can have your blazing heat. Give me clear cool crisp sunny October days anytime. October means Halloween and costumes and fun and joy. And the fun doesn’t have to stop when you’re a kid – oh no, October is still awesome as an adult. Want proof? Read below.

Why October is still great when you’re an adult

1. October as an adult means delicious seasonal meals that you get to choose – because you’re an adult! Gone are the days of the meatloaf you despised- now you can pick your own happy October-themed menu! (Mine consists of one food group; carbs.)


On the subject of food – you also get to see and buy AMAZING SEASONAL FOOD ITEMS! Like, “Boo Berry” cereal. Did anyone else know that was a thing in Canada? I didn’t! I’m still on the hunt for this eluside Frank-N-Berry!


2. October as an adult means buying Halloween Candy for Trick or Treaters but being real about its ultimate fate.


3. October means getting to watch all the awesome Halloween Shows WHENEVER YOU WANT because digital downloading exists – Wanna watch Hocus Pocus at 3:00AM on a Thursday? NO WORRIES. You can rent it on Youtube for $3.99! Plus you can watch all the AMAZING Halloween shows that you weren’t allowed to watch as kids, or wouldn’t be if you were a kid now (New season of American Horror Story, I’m looking at you…and LOVING YOU).

4. October has the kind of days where you can bundle up in awesomely *fashionable layered outfits that you NEVER got to pick out as a kid because you’re mom probably dressed you. (Or was that just me?)


(*depending on your definition of fashionable)

5. October as an adult means sitting super close to a fire (because no one says you can’t) and getting hypnotized by its crackling, flickering beauty. Does anyone else wonder if they suffer from suppressed pyromania?


6. October as an adult is Decorating your Home in preparation for Trick R Treaters or just decking it out because YOU CAN. I lived in a condo last year. It was boring and we weren’t allowed to put anything on our doors. This year? New home with a FRONT DOOR and a WALKWAY that leads to my ADORABLE FRONT STOOP! I’ve already started decorating the s&^t out of it.


7. October as an adult means you get to actually SEE all the cool costumes people are coming out with! It also means getting to die of cuteness overload when adorable kids come to your house to trick or treat. (Seriously, I saw a child dressed up as a miniature Harry Potter last year. He was no more than 1 years old. He couldn’t even speak, let alone read JK Rowling’s masterpieces. Didn’t matter. He was so cute I nearly passed out. ) Shout out to parents who dress their infant children in ADORABLE costumes just so I can awkwardly “awwwww” at them!


8. Speaking of which October as an adult means that you GET the work that goes into trick or treating as a child. The long walks, the heavy bags of candy, the unseasonable weather (it always seems to rain on Halloween here). Then you trudge up to a house and knock excitedly, crowing out a joyful “Trick or Treat!” only to be handed a sad little box of raisins? NOT ON MY WATCH. Those kids are getting buckets of candy from me! Their work will NOT be in vain!


10. October as an adult means buying and breaking out AWESOME hats! Because they make them for all ages! (This is what I’m telling myself) Plus there are very cute and mature head scarves if wearing a giant owl face on top of your head isn’t for you.


11. October as an adult means going out on Halloween to the haunted houses around town- either to be scared or just admire all the cool decorations. Or just enjoying a walk in the crisp, October air hearing all the excited kids run around and just enjoying the tradition. And also pretending you’re a vampire. Again, that may just be me.


12. October as an adult means getting to wear FUN, creative costumes that YOU enjoy. Not dressing up in what you think you’re supposed to wear.


(Note: if you like dressing up as a sexy cat and are doing it for you, more power to you). But if they put the word “sexy” in front of one more inanimate object, I am going to hurl. Halloween Items I have seen the following “sexy” costumes – “Sexy Traffic cone, Sexy Ebola Nurse, Sexy Hulk Hogan, Sexy Pizza, Sexy Corn-On-the-Cob, Sexy Bin Laden.” Yes, ALL those costumes exist. Feel free to google and then weep for humanity.

It also means that you get to dress up your pets because you either a.) have no children or b.) think it’s funny or c.) both. I know, you think I’m insane. You have a point. But if you could see Gizmo trying to handle the fact that he’s in a bee costume, you’d understand.


13. Lastly, October as an adult means starting your own traditions – so do an annual scary movie night! A yearly Corn Maze trip! It has been a tradition in my home since we got married, that every year my husband and I to go to a pumpkin patch together, pick out the perfect pumpkin, bring it home and each of us carves one half.


This is what it usually looks like.


October is just beautiful (our combined pumpkin carving however, not so much) so don’t fret about being an adult in October- the possibilities for fun are endless!


Why my Mom is really awesome

So my husband has been travelling a LOT on business which you all know I hate. But such is life and so when he leaves for business I sometimes head to my Mom and Stepdad’s for a few days and get spoiled with attention and delicious dinners.

On my last sojourn to their place, I was struck by how funny my mom is. I mean, I know she’s funny, but on this last trip my cheeks hurt from laughing. Most is not translate-able into cartoons, but I thought I would share some beautiful moments shared between my mother and I during a particularly stressful drive to downtown Vancouver.

My mom and I love appetizers. Especially nachos. But not this time. Denny’s Vancouver, you have disappointed us.


(It did look like baby poop!)

Sometimes I get disturbed when my Mom rants. Not because she rants about stupid things (BECAUSE $11.55 for 2 MEASLY HOURS OF PARKING IS RIDICULOUS) Its mostly because I feel like I’m looking to a mirror of what I will become in 30 short years. And its sort of frightening.


My mom likes a good deal. Even when those ‘Good Deals’ are $3 leather pants she found at a store going out of business.


Driving downtown with my Mom is a full on nightmare. Mainly because a.) We both HATE driving downtown and b.) We are both anxious individuals when in stressful situations. So when you put the two of us in a car and try to get us somewhere downtown its a nightmare. Anxiety fuels anxiety.




My mom is like me; she loves talking to strangers and they love talking right back. But sometimes when in public she does this really loud laugh and then she says stuff that makes me cringe.


And my personal favorite quote of the visit:


And while my Mom may embarass me sometimes (as parents are prone to do) and even though she and I may disagree on some things, we will always agree that taking photos of her in front of posters downtown during our very stressful outing is one of the best things ever.


Thanks for being awesome, Mom. You’re seriously so cool and fun and hilarious to talk to and every year you become more and more my friend and mentor along with being my Mom. Don’t know how I got lucky enough for you to be my Mom, but man am I ever glad I did.



Why Moving is Nothing like the Movies

Guys, before I start this blog I just wanted to say one thing:

I know its been SO EFFING LONG since I last updated the blog and I feel terrible about it! Its been such an insane summer – moving, seeing family, starting new jobs, and more and the blog has sort of been pushed to the side! I swear I will be more regular!
Onto today’s topic. MOVING.
I’ll be real with you. Everytime my husband and I embark on a new phase of life, I just sort of assume that it’ll be like something out of a Nora Ephron film. I see montages of adorable things happening and then reality hits and its nothing like I expected. Sort of like the following.


















Yeah, its true. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but with the right partner even the worst experiences have glimmers of joy.