Why plans I make rarely work out.

October 16 2010 is the year that I married my amazing husband. We have been together 5 awesome years and I seriously fall in love with him more and more each year. This year we decided that we wanted to do something special for our five years.
We found something called ‘Theatre in the Country’ – dinner and a play! It seemed SO fun and we were stoked!


Until they called us the night before our anniversary to tell us the following.


I guess theatre in the country is not as popular as one would have hoped.

So my husband being the romantic man that he is decided that we would go to the restaurant that we got engaged at! How romantic and perfect! Plus the restaurant was at the top of a mountain and you get to take a tram ride up and there is a bear enclosure and more! It’s a very cool place and we remembered the food being AMAZING (if not insanely overpriced).

Earlier in the week I had gone to the store to find the perfect card for my husband. Every single year prior I would get a super romantic, sappy card for him and he would get me a funny card. It was great. This year I decided to get a HILARIOUS card to best him!


We arrived at the restaurant in seats that were not stellar. Oh well, the sun was already down we didn’t mind. Then they brought out our portions of food.



Then it was time to exchange our gifts and cards. I handed my husband his card and eagerly awaited.


I felt vindicated. Then it was my turn.






Yep. He got me the most beautiful and heartfelt card I’ve read in forever. And I got him one that made a joke about nerds. Oh gosh.

We decided to go for a drive after our dinner where we both discussed a very important topic that was weighing on our minds.



My husband decided to surprise me by taking me to the ghost train in Stanley Park. For those of you unfamiliar- Its a minature train that takes groups around the park where there are spooky actors being creepy. Because I was so excited I insisted on lots of selfies (cringe).


It started out really well! The costumes and props were really fun. It was all building to what I believed would be a wonderful crescendo of horror (even though my husband was half asleep from boredom).


Except it didn’t.


The train merely picked up speed and then drove through a forest of eyes painted on large blocks of wood.


On our drive home I couldn’t help but observe the many pitfalls that had occured during our special five year anniversary day.





So no, nothing turned out like it was supposed to. But you know what?

That’s okay.

3 thoughts on “Why plans I make rarely work out.

  1. So, it took a me a few paragraphs to discover that I had completely misread the title. I thought it said “Why I rarely make plans to work out”. Which also seemed apt. But completely not the title. 🙂 Might I suggest it as a future post….?

  2. Clay just told me that my comment seemed cruel and I TOTALLY didn’t mean it like that!!!! I just think it’s funny because who plans to work out? Especially after Hallowe’en?

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