Why October season as an adult is awesome

Ahhhh October, my favorite time of the year. Christmas you can keep your snow. Summer you can have your blazing heat. Give me clear cool crisp sunny October days anytime. October means Halloween and costumes and fun and joy. And the fun doesn’t have to stop when you’re a kid – oh no, October is still awesome as an adult. Want proof? Read below.

Why October is still great when you’re an adult

1. October as an adult means delicious seasonal meals that you get to choose – because you’re an adult! Gone are the days of the meatloaf you despised- now you can pick your own happy October-themed menu! (Mine consists of one food group; carbs.)


On the subject of food – you also get to see and buy AMAZING SEASONAL FOOD ITEMS! Like, “Boo Berry” cereal. Did anyone else know that was a thing in Canada? I didn’t! I’m still on the hunt for this eluside Frank-N-Berry!


2. October as an adult means buying Halloween Candy for Trick or Treaters but being real about its ultimate fate.


3. October means getting to watch all the awesome Halloween Shows WHENEVER YOU WANT because digital downloading exists – Wanna watch Hocus Pocus at 3:00AM on a Thursday? NO WORRIES. You can rent it on Youtube for $3.99! Plus you can watch all the AMAZING Halloween shows that you weren’t allowed to watch as kids, or wouldn’t be if you were a kid now (New season of American Horror Story, I’m looking at you…and LOVING YOU).

4. October has the kind of days where you can bundle up in awesomely *fashionable layered outfits that you NEVER got to pick out as a kid because you’re mom probably dressed you. (Or was that just me?)


(*depending on your definition of fashionable)

5. October as an adult means sitting super close to a fire (because no one says you can’t) and getting hypnotized by its crackling, flickering beauty. Does anyone else wonder if they suffer from suppressed pyromania?


6. October as an adult is Decorating your Home in preparation for Trick R Treaters or just decking it out because YOU CAN. I lived in a condo last year. It was boring and we weren’t allowed to put anything on our doors. This year? New home with a FRONT DOOR and a WALKWAY that leads to my ADORABLE FRONT STOOP! I’ve already started decorating the s&^t out of it.


7. October as an adult means you get to actually SEE all the cool costumes people are coming out with! It also means getting to die of cuteness overload when adorable kids come to your house to trick or treat. (Seriously, I saw a child dressed up as a miniature Harry Potter last year. He was no more than 1 years old. He couldn’t even speak, let alone read JK Rowling’s masterpieces. Didn’t matter. He was so cute I nearly passed out. ) Shout out to parents who dress their infant children in ADORABLE costumes just so I can awkwardly “awwwww” at them!


8. Speaking of which October as an adult means that you GET the work that goes into trick or treating as a child. The long walks, the heavy bags of candy, the unseasonable weather (it always seems to rain on Halloween here). Then you trudge up to a house and knock excitedly, crowing out a joyful “Trick or Treat!” only to be handed a sad little box of raisins? NOT ON MY WATCH. Those kids are getting buckets of candy from me! Their work will NOT be in vain!


10. October as an adult means buying and breaking out AWESOME hats! Because they make them for all ages! (This is what I’m telling myself) Plus there are very cute and mature head scarves if wearing a giant owl face on top of your head isn’t for you.


11. October as an adult means going out on Halloween to the haunted houses around town- either to be scared or just admire all the cool decorations. Or just enjoying a walk in the crisp, October air hearing all the excited kids run around and just enjoying the tradition. And also pretending you’re a vampire. Again, that may just be me.


12. October as an adult means getting to wear FUN, creative costumes that YOU enjoy. Not dressing up in what you think you’re supposed to wear.


(Note: if you like dressing up as a sexy cat and are doing it for you, more power to you). But if they put the word “sexy” in front of one more inanimate object, I am going to hurl. Halloween Items I have seen the following “sexy” costumes – “Sexy Traffic cone, Sexy Ebola Nurse, Sexy Hulk Hogan, Sexy Pizza, Sexy Corn-On-the-Cob, Sexy Bin Laden.” Yes, ALL those costumes exist. Feel free to google and then weep for humanity.

It also means that you get to dress up your pets because you either a.) have no children or b.) think it’s funny or c.) both. I know, you think I’m insane. You have a point. But if you could see Gizmo trying to handle the fact that he’s in a bee costume, you’d understand.


13. Lastly, October as an adult means starting your own traditions – so do an annual scary movie night! A yearly Corn Maze trip! It has been a tradition in my home since we got married, that every year my husband and I to go to a pumpkin patch together, pick out the perfect pumpkin, bring it home and each of us carves one half.


This is what it usually looks like.


October is just beautiful (our combined pumpkin carving however, not so much) so don’t fret about being an adult in October- the possibilities for fun are endless!


4 thoughts on “Why October season as an adult is awesome

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