Why my Mom is really awesome

So my husband has been travelling a LOT on business which you all know I hate. But such is life and so when he leaves for business I sometimes head to my Mom and Stepdad’s for a few days and get spoiled with attention and delicious dinners.

On my last sojourn to their place, I was struck by how funny my mom is. I mean, I know she’s funny, but on this last trip my cheeks hurt from laughing. Most is not translate-able into cartoons, but I thought I would share some beautiful moments shared between my mother and I during a particularly stressful drive to downtown Vancouver.

My mom and I love appetizers. Especially nachos. But not this time. Denny’s Vancouver, you have disappointed us.


(It did look like baby poop!)

Sometimes I get disturbed when my Mom rants. Not because she rants about stupid things (BECAUSE $11.55 for 2 MEASLY HOURS OF PARKING IS RIDICULOUS) Its mostly because I feel like I’m looking to a mirror of what I will become in 30 short years. And its sort of frightening.


My mom likes a good deal. Even when those ‘Good Deals’ are $3 leather pants she found at a store going out of business.


Driving downtown with my Mom is a full on nightmare. Mainly because a.) We both HATE driving downtown and b.) We are both anxious individuals when in stressful situations. So when you put the two of us in a car and try to get us somewhere downtown its a nightmare. Anxiety fuels anxiety.




My mom is like me; she loves talking to strangers and they love talking right back. But sometimes when in public she does this really loud laugh and then she says stuff that makes me cringe.


And my personal favorite quote of the visit:


And while my Mom may embarass me sometimes (as parents are prone to do) and even though she and I may disagree on some things, we will always agree that taking photos of her in front of posters downtown during our very stressful outing is one of the best things ever.


Thanks for being awesome, Mom. You’re seriously so cool and fun and hilarious to talk to and every year you become more and more my friend and mentor along with being my Mom. Don’t know how I got lucky enough for you to be my Mom, but man am I ever glad I did.



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