Why living back at home wasn’t actually the worst

Hello my lovely readers!

I’m sorry I’ve been out of commission for so long!

As you know, our condo was sold and our move in date to our new home was a month out. So we stayed with my Mom and Stepdad for the month of June. I won’t lie, I thought it would be not great. I figured with my husband and I stuck in one small room with our bed and computer shoved in we would have an awful time.

And we totally didn’t!

I mean the room was small and the weather was SO FREAKING HOT. But aside from that, it actually exceeded my expectations. Along with labelling my cereal so that it resembled something funny (see previous entry), my Mom and Stepdad are the sweetest people alive.

But since I look at the negative in EVERYTHING, I figured that as soon as we moved in, my Mom and I would have a dynamic similar to this..


But more often than not, it was this:


With my stepdad, he’s a talker. He loves to talk and most of the time, so do I. But after long or miserable days at work, I expected to be ambushed like this:


But instead, it was like living at a Mexican resort.


The other major hurdle I expected to go through was…the Dreaded Baby Talk. I am rapidly approaching 30 and LOTS of people are doing the not so subtle – “So when are you having kids?” which only bugs me sometimes. I figured my Mom would take a less subtle approach.


Instead she was remarkably cool.


If I’m honest, the only one to give me grief about having kids was my STEPDAD. He waited until I was eating breakfast with my Mom and couldn’t get away and the conversation went thusly

Walter: “So, let’s get to it. When are you having kids?”

Me: *chokes on eggs* “Huh?”

Walter: “Kids. Are you having them? If so, when?”

Me: “Uh… I dunno. We’re thinking of going to Vegas for my 30th in November…maybe after that?”

Walter: “Aww c’mon, there’s always going to be trips!”

Me: “Uh, yep.”

Walter is silent a moment, thinking, looking very upset.

Walter: “Well fine. If you’re not having kids, your Mother and I are moving up North.”

My Mom, who has been silent this whole time starts laughing. Loudly.

Mom: “What the-? This is news to me!”

Mom and I start laughing and Walter grumbles about me and my husband always travelling while he does the dishes.

My Mom and I still mock him about it to this day.

He has since recanted on his threat of moving if I don’t have kids.

So while my Mom has been really cool about the no kids thing, I did stumble upon some strange things in the house.


No for real.

Those things were found in her possession.

Please understand that no one else in my family is even close to having kids.

So aside from that creepy little number, living with my Mom and Walt was actually awesome. I kind of miss them if I’m honest. Sometimes our new place feels too big and too quiet without some vaguely confusing remark from my Stepdad or my Mom’s braying laughter after we have discovered one of her “Cereal” jokes.

Gizmo misses them too, but he doesn’t want to admit it.

8 thoughts on “Why living back at home wasn’t actually the worst

  1. Hey, I stumbled across your blog by accident. I really enjoyed the post!
    Sounds like the pressure you received was pretty mild. At least you didn’t have to put up with theatrical heavy sighing and a woe-is-me expression every time someone under the age of five appeared in a TV commercial.

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