Why there’s been no cartoons!

Hello to all my lovely readers!
You’ve probably been going, “Where the heck is Katelyn? I was promised badly drawn cartoons with a humorous slant!”
I promise I will be back with those shortly!

My husband and I moved out of our condo at the end of May. Our new townhome wasn’t ready until the start of July. So we spent the month of June staying in a bedroom at my Mom’s place until our new home was ready. As a snapshot of what living with my Mom and Stepdad is like, here is some photographic documentation.


Yes. My mom did this to every box of cereal we brought into the house. Then she went out and bought some just so she could write more funny things on them. It was awesome.
We moved a few days ago into our new bigger place (I HAVE MY OWN ART STUDIO GUYS! FOR REAL!) As soon as we are settled in, the cartoons will be back I promise! 🙂 In the meantime, I thank you so much for your patience and your continued support of the blog.

With affection,

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