29 things that strike me as Odd or Nice PART 2

A continuation from my PREVIOUS ENTRY Part 1. I hope you enjoy it! Even if you don’t, just pretend!

29 things that strike me as Odd or Nice Part 2

11. Leaving one single bite of food on my plate [Odd]

I never knew I did this until my husband and I went travelling with our Travel BFF’s and the wife randomly noticed my odd eating habit. Plus she would find random pieces of food (like the bottom of a muffin, or a half-drank soda) and just shake her head because she is a true friend and loves me despite my many food-based shortcomings. SHOUT OUT TO FRIENDS WHO DON’T JUDGE YOUR BAD LIFE DECISIONS.



12. Being Nice to Others [Nice]

One of my jobs involves working with a fellow with a disability. He is hilarious and sweet and needs help with some things you or I would take for granted. Last week we had a major breakthrough during our shift and I was literally on Cloud 9 for DAYS. I was overjoyed for my client and it spilled into my everyday life. I found that in those days following I had so much more love in my heart I would just start doing nice things for random people everywhere I went trying to spread this joyful feeling around. People I helped noticed and were touched (and some, afraid). Spreading joy feels awesome. If you haven’t done it, I suggest you do.



13. A desire for Snappy Comebacks [Odd]

You know my pain. I know you do. Someone says something annoying, offensive, etc and it takes you by SUCH surprise that you cannot even fathom what you would say in response until two hours later when you are replaying the conversation over in your head as you drive, gesturing wildly as you coast down the freeway getting angrier by the second. I wish when people asked me dumb questions I could have something witty to retort on the spot.


14. Things that are on sale [Nice]

When I find something that I like or really want and it is marked down in price, I get a feeling like my heart is doing the can-can. When a sale comes up and I don’t even know about it until I get to the till, I can barely even contain my glee. Once I walked into a store and didn’t know they were having a 50% off sale until I went to pay. It was the BEST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE EVER. It’s the little things in life.


15. Not having Dairy [Odd]

Okay, I know there are worse things in the world. You don’t need to tell me. But for real, I MISS DAIRY. It’s only been two weeks since I cut it out of my diet (KINDA) because know what? DAIRY IS IN EVERYTHING I LIKE!


They sneak it into stuff that you wouldn’t think about! Even salad dressing! And going out for dinner used to be one of my favorite things but now when we go everything I like has dairy so I get really bummed out.




16. Feeling Young [Nice]

At my other job, I work with seniors. Like for real seniors, some over 100. They are the sweetest people alive and in a really selfish way, they boost my ego on a daily basis. Every time I walk down the halls they say to me; “Oh you are so beautiful!” and “Oh you’re so young you have so much time!” or “Look at that hair! Gorgeous!” Even on days when I look like garbage that’s been left out for days. They are so genuinely sweet and kind and I bet they don’t even realize how much their words brighten my day (even though I tell them!)

On the other hand, I guess it’s sad that I need seniors citizens to make me feel young.

17. My weird attachment to Authors [Odd]

There have been two times I’ve missed work when I haven’t been sick. Once was when JD Salinger died and once was when Ray Bradbury died. These are authors whose work has genuinely touched my life at different times. When I read Catcher in the Rye I am 17 again, going “Holden Caulfield GETS me” (like most people at 17 believe). I believe that books partly shape us into the people we become. Authors are like magicians, they can weave this amazing world you can get lost in. That holds a lot of nostalgia and tenderness for those books and times. So when they die, I guess I feel like an old friend is suddenly gone. Please don’t ask me why I thought missing work would help, because all I did was lock myself in the bedroom, read their books and cry because I would never get to meet them. Yeah, I definitely believed I would meet them. What would we talk about? Good question. All I know is that when Stephen King dies, I am going to be a WRECK because those books WERE my life for a really long time!

292 (2)

18. People who still use the ‘R’ word. [Odd]

If you use this word on purpose, even as a joke, I hate you a little bit.

It’s 2015.

For real. Get your life together.

19. Being too Sensitive [Nice]

I was going to list this under Odd, but you know what? I think it’s nice that I’m sensitive. And sentimental. I think it’s nice that I have a box of movie ticket stubs and mementos from my years with my husband. I think it’s nice that I have the agenda my Dad used to write in for work. I like that I am there for my friends and sensitive to their needs. I think it’s because I have a tender heart and I don’t think a tender heart is a bad thing at all!

Unless a tender heart is a sign of congenital heart disease. Then I’m screwed.

20. When people don’t find the same things funny as me [Odd]
You know when you show someone something on YouTube that you literally almost died laughing from and then they don’t laugh and you are simultaneously embarrassed and also super pissed off and also want to punch them super hard? No? That’s just me? Oh okay.









Okay, I know I still have to go to 29 but you’ll have to wait for Installment 3 for the rest! I like installments. It means I’m not rushing through, plus it’s like a series! Fun! Speaking of donating (see how I snuck that in?) if you are enjoying my blog and are feeling generous, I am just gonna leave the donate link HERE.

It goes to operational costs and to me because I do all this for free JUST to make YOU laugh! Aren’t I nice?

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