Why I am miserable (kind of)

So, this title is pretty misleading because as I type this I am not miserable. I am tired and cranky, but if I’m real, I’m tired and cranky a lot.

But some miserable things happened this week (which are complete First World Problems) and since blogs are about letting out inner thoughts and feelings, that’s what I’m gonna do.

Firstly, I SUCK at returning facebook messages and I feel like a HUMAN GARBAGE PAIL about it. Like, someone messages me a month ago, I forget about it thinking ‘I will respond to this’ and then I forget and I look like a HUGE JERK-FACE.

Secondly, we are moving into a bigger place. Our move-out/move-in dates didn’t coincide, so my husband, cat and I are living with my Mom and Stepdad for a month. They’re literally the COOLEST parental units. I am just not stoked at commuting, paying the toll every day and genuinely being away from a ton of my friends and social contacts! Plus all my art supplies are packed away so I feel weird.

And everyone goes, “It’s only a month!”

Uh, yeah. I can read a calendar. Still not stoked about it.

And if I’m honest, I am a VERY sentimental person! I keep looking at our little condo and getting super sad that we are leaving. Its full of memories -and a lot of them good! I look at the threshold that my husband carried me over on our wedding day. I look at the artroom/office/everything room and remember hurriedly making a ton of orders for Christmas. Everywhere I look holds memories of the life we have built so far and I get sentimental about it.

It doens’t mean I don’t want to move – it just means I have emotions.

But everytime I try to just tell people how I feel, everyone jumps on me and goes: “But you know you’ll LOVE you new bigger place! That will feel like home in no time!”


Of course I will.

But I’m really bummed I’m leaving what was my home for 5 years. Let me be sad about it. Its okay to be sad for five seconds. Its called being a non-robot. Seriously, try it once in a while. Its okay. Its like people are not comfortable with any emotion that isn’t jubilant elation. I don’t get it.
And now a bunch of our furniture is gone so it looks less like our home and more like where a serial killer lures his victims.


Then because we won’t have our kitchen for much longer, I decide I want to make RUM BALLS because YES, they are in fact the BEST THING EVER.


So I get all the ingredients together and start and then realize..oh right. I need to grab Rum. You know, the INGREDIENT THAT IS IN THE TITLE? And even though rum and cokes are my favorite drink, guess what’s not in our cupboard?



(I warned you. First World Problems).

Then I Netflixed binged on a bunch of my favorite cancelled shows and I went to a really dark place.


And then on Sunday I decided to NOT be a lazy slob and my husband and I did a lot of walking. We had dinner plans that evening with friends so we rushed up to the apartment. And the following happened as we were getting on the elevator.



So the entire night was garbage because a.) I was REALLY excited about having dinner with our friends b.) We have to wait a bunch of weeks to even get the keys BACK from the elevator shaft and c.) . Even though the locksmith was really nice and has a semi-famous daughter (which he proudly showed me on his phone) I was not stoked that we blew $150 bucks to have someone let us into our condo to grab my back up set of keys. Because for real. I think it took him like maybe 3 minutes but we had to pay the weekend rate.

And I think if I’m really honest with myself, I think the thing that made me most miserable is that I’ve been having a lot of digestive issues and my new doctor (that was 30 minutes late for our first appointment and didn’t even acknowledge it) told me to cut out dairy. And I think my look when she said that was something akin to this:

Guys. I live for cheese. Like, it’s a problem.

I went to the grocery store and PANICKED because I do NOT know what cooking is without dairy! Its in EVERYTHING! So I just left my grocery cart in the middle of an aisle and walked home crying because I was imagining a future without cheese and I could NOT deal.
So between lack of rum balls, moving, premature show cancellations, husband dropping keys down elevator shaft and NO EFFING DAIRY I am feeling less than chipper.

So that’s my miserable post. I hope it made you smile and not miserable! If it DID make you miserable, I promise that my next one won’t! (I hope) It will be Part 2 to my epic; 29 things that strike me as Odd but Nice.

Lastly but MOST importantly– There is a very bright spot in my miserable week: I have had a BUNCH of new followers and subscribers to the blog which makes my withered blackened heart jump with joy! Thank you to my loyal readers for enjoying the horror that is sometimes my life!

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