29 things that strike me as Odd or Nice PART 1

So, I see a lot of these lists: Things I wish I’d known before I was thirty, 27 things you NEED to know before 27, etc. This list is sort of like that, but more odd but nice things I’ve come across in my 29 years on earth. So actually not like those lists at all. This list will not help or guide you in any way….unless you aspire to be me, in which case, HELLO YOU’RE AMAZING.

29 things that strikes me as Odd or Nice now that I’m 29

1. Loving Pizza. [Odd].
Guys, it’s WEIRD how much I love pizza. And the weirdest part is – I am almost 30 and I love it EVEN more NOW then when I was a kid! When I was a kid, I was like, “Cool, I like pizza” but now if I know we are having pizza, I literally LOSE it with joy because I LOVE PIZZA SO MUCH. I think it’s because I do the majority of the cooking at my house, so when we order out it’s so exciting because it means I don’t have to cook! Point is, I love pizza. A lot.


2. Being Friends with Neighbours. [Nice].
Guys, I have only had insane neighbours. Like the ones that do weird crap and you pretend not to notice them because nothing would be worse than having to talk to them. So, when I got a note under my door inviting my husband and I to our neighbour below us, I was suspicious.


Turns out, I literally have the BEST neighbors. My other neighbour just bought me an exercise ball because one day during conversation I mentioned that I needed one. Seriously. These people are GEMS. I always thought that being friends with neighbours was lame and something right out of a 50’s sitcom. But know what? It’s GREAT having a wonderful relationship with neighbours! I recommend it! Introduce yourself, you’d be surprised at the possibilities!

3. Skin changes [Odd].
I don’t know if it’s just me, but I cannot eat ANYTHING without it showing up on my face the next day. I used to have such clear skin and would eat like a teenager who just discovered sugar and my face would remain blemish free. Now if I accidentally drink something with too much sugar, my face looks like a moon crater. BUMMER TIMES A MILLION. I never hear anyone else talk about this, but I feel like I can’t be alone. (If I am, lie to me.)


4. Friend Time [Nice]
I’ll be honest, I used to hate hanging out with people all the time. I was usually good for one solid hang out every couple of weeks if the timing was right and the weather was nice. The following LITERALLY happened after I flaked out on dinner with friends because IT WAS RAINING.


Lately however, I’ve been pushing myself and making lots of plans with friends (I have my weekly coffee dates, movie nights, dinners out etc) and I actually really enjoy it now that I’m older. It’s also nice that I have friends where we look at each other and are like, “So… I’m gonna go.” and there’s no bad feelings, you just know the other person is spent. I definitely recommend trying it out and seeing if it’s for you. If not, no worries.

5. Being Weirdly Attached to your pet [Odd]
This is a new one for me. I’ve always had pets, but because of where we lived, they always escaped and got hit by cars. Plus, they were always ‘family pets’ which means they like everyone but me. I won’t lie, for the longest time I believed that cats only lived 5 years (because that’s how long mine would live before being hit). So, I guess I never got super attached to a pet. I’ve had my cat Gizmo for 5 years and I love him to the point of detriment. For real, just look at my instagram. There are more photos of Gizmo then there are of my HUSBAND. I’ve taught him to use the toilet, he is a guard cat for any strangers and even though he bugs me, I love him SO much. This is a new feeling for me to have for a pet. Sometimes I sit and think about the day that I will find he is gone and my stomach churns and I get teary. I guess getting older will do that to you. Turn you maudlin.


6. Not Caring What other people think as much [Nice]
I literally walked out of the house like this. On purpose. Know what I’m doing in that photo? Shrugging because I don’t care that my fashion sense is plummeting. I sort of dig the whole striped sweater over a dinosaur t-shirt topped with a giant Russian hat. It works. It was ridiculously comfortable! I find with every year that passes, I care less and less what people think. In some ways bad, in most ways it’s AMAZING.


7. People asking me why I don’t have kids. [Odd].
I am continually struck dumb in shock when people ask why I don’t have kids. It’s such a personal question I find it completely bizarre that everyone noses their way into it so casually and often! This is a real pet peeve whenever strangers/acquaintances (aka, NOT my close friends or family who get a free pass) ask me when I’m having kids – or last month when I was aggressively interrogated by a couple who had just had twins, wanting – nay- demanding to know why I didn’t have kids and why I should. This is what happened.








Okay, the last two panels didn’t happen because I hate confrontation, but I WISH I would have told them to piss off. What I did was awkwardly excuse myself and pretended I was getting a call on my cell.  I felt like they had made a decision and because I wasn’t doing it too, it made them insecure. Which bummed me out because shouldn’t you be having a baby because you want to? Not because everyone else is doing it?
My husband gets it on his end too, but he’s much more chill about it. But it makes me personally MAD. Know why it makes me mad? Because there are SO many reason people DON’T WANT or CANNOT have kids. And you pushing it in their face is INSENSITIVE and RUDE. Plus, shocker- some people just don’t want them and that DOESN’T make them any less of a person. If I want kids, cool. Maybe I will one day. Until then, MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS.
Okay, rant over.

8. Grey Hair [Odd]
Guys, when I thought of getting grey hair as a kid, I was stoked. And want to know why? Because I was deluded. I was convinced my grays would come in one awesome stripe that would make me look fabulous and the cool kind of mature. The kind of mature that drinks martini’s in the afternoon and goes on yachting adventures on a whim. My grays make me look like the cliché cat lady that doesn’t realize her hair is come up grey in sparse clumps. I HATE IT.


9. Self Improvement [Nice]

I have a bad temper. But if you’d met me 8 years ago, it was SO MUCH WORSE. I also ate nothing but McDonalds, hated saving money, flaked out on everything and generally hated lots of stuff. Eight years later, I’m far from perfect, but I can see the strides I’ve made and it’s kind of awesome. I go, “Hey, I eat vegetables now!” My old self would have seen changing as some sort of defeat, but my new self sees it as improvement.

Realistic perspective baby, its good.

10. A Weird Love of Cooking [Odd]
Guys, am I alone here? Did the world suddenly start to love cooking and I got left behind? I see these amazing healthy, beautiful meals all over my instagram and facebook feed with people happily exclaiming, “Can’t wait to dig in!” and talking about how much they love the cooking process. Meanwhile, I’m like:


8 thoughts on “29 things that strike me as Odd or Nice PART 1

    • I’m so glad you remembered it! Remember meeting Elijah Wood? Unless that was a ruse to get to come out to more things… And yes, when we move I will have you over! Until then, my life is a busy mess!!!

    • Thank you David! Its funny you say that, I actually thought of going back to school to be a teacher! (To be fair, I’ve thought about a lot of different career paths. The one that really appeals: Rich Blogger.) 😉

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