Why I am okay with having married my first boyfriend

Please know that I love my husband more than life itself. I feel like before you continue reading, you need to know this fact. I do not regret marrying him and I do not wish I’d dated a million guys before him. But since he was my first boyfriend, my first kiss and my first (and last) husband, sometimes I wish I’d gotten the chance to try out fun stuff like my single friends do now! Mainly, these three.

1. Online Dating Websites

Guys, this was not a huge thing when I was on the dating scene. It was kind of there, but everyone thought that online dating was for a.) Computer nerds or b.) People that wanted to find out your banking information and steal from you.


It wasn’t the giant thing that it is today. Now there is a website for every race, religious affiliation, or weirdly specific interest (look up Purrsonals.com, it exists and if you love cats, it’s the place for you).
2. Speed Dating
This is basically like one big acting audition. I figure, you can go in as any character you want! And then, just when they start to ask questions that could unravel your tenuous story, the timer is up and boom – you’re onto the next person! The more numbers you get, the more believable your character is!




3. Blind Dating

Guys for real. Blind dating stories are the BEEEEEEEEEEST. I kind of sort of went on a blind date ages ago, but we both sort of weren’t on the same page and kind of didn’t know it was a set up and then it was just weird. I googled him and found he had a really extensive amount of angry poetry. But it doesn’t even count!
But I want to go on the worst, most hilariously bad blind date so I had a hilarious blind date story to tell at cocktail parties. Right now, it kind of just goes like this.


It’s a buzz kill for funny stories.

I thought it would be fun to put an ad up on Plenty of Fish (just to see how many messages I got). And because I share everything with him, I ran it by my husband first to see if he was cool with it. However (after laughing aloud for a full minute), he was a bit confused as to why I would want to do such a thing.








And its moments like this that I’m really okay with the fact that I married my first boyfriend.

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