Why I cannot accept that everyone doesn’t love me (Greenland, I’m looking at you!)

Guys, Odd but Nice has reached over 56,000 views! This is really exciting because it means that a lot of people are a.) true blue fans who have been here since day one and b.) there are a bunch of new people enjoying the horror that is my life! Both please me immensely!
And as I was observing this, I found a cool new tool on word press that lets me see how many views I get on what topic and very neat – a function that shows me which parts of the country are viewing Odd but nice and how much!

Turns out I have a fairly large following; Canada, USA, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Philippines , Malaysia, South Africa, Kenya, Singapore, Germany, and SO many others! Those are just the first eleven on the list (in order of most views).
When I saw this, I nearly fell over. I was SO excited because that seemed like just the COOLEST thing ever!


But something nagged me. While there were a few white spaces there was one huge, looming white space. No views. Mocking me on its map.

greenland8 (2)


Yep. Greenland. Greenland hates me.

And instead of just being happy at all the places that WERE fans of Odd but Nice, all I could focus on was that horrible blank space that clearly said; “NO ONE LIKES YOU HERE”. My husband came over to support me but all I could do was stew.


So then I would lie in bed, wondering what it was that was obviously repelling Greenland. Because I couldn’t be happy that a TON of other amazing countries were viewing my blog!


So what’s up Greenland? Why do you hate my humor? Why have you not even TRIED to enjoy my website? Okay okay, you’re literally one of the least densely populated country in the world – but dude, people from the CAMEN ISLANDS ARE STILL LOOKING AT ODD BUT NICE! And they are small too!
But perhaps it’s because I’m not catering enough to the Greenland crowd. Perhaps our cultures are just too different? Well, let’s look at some similarities that may draw you to my delightful Canadian part of the internet.

#1 – Color scheme


How great is that? Go team Red & White!

#2 – According to Wikipedia: “Greenland has been inhabited off and on for at least the last 4,500 years by Arctic peoples whose forebears migrated there from what is now Canada.”
So technically you’re pretty Canadian. That should make you love me anyway. Obligatory fellow Canadian love.
#3. Here are two photos.


One is from Greenland. The other is from Canada. Be real – if you weren’t from either place, wouldn’t you say the two are EXTREMELY SIMILAR?! (left – Greenland, right – Canada)

#4. Heeey, what is on your coat of arms? A POLAR BEAR?


Guess what? We have a bunch of polar bears in Canada! Okay, not where I live specifically, but for real – Manitoba, Labrador…
So Greenland, be real.


I’ve given you a bunch of really good reasons to love my blog… Or I’ve come off as needy.


Thank you. Or as they say in Greenland: “Tak”!

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