Wally’s World I

So, let me introduce a new Guest Post that will be popping up every now and again. As you have seen through video and cartoons, I have a stepfather. What you may not be aware of, is that he’s off his freakin’ rocker. I totally love him for it, and so when he asked if he could be a part of my blog I said,

“I love you, but no.”

But then he drew a little doodle to put on here, and I couldn’t resist because he’s adorable and treats my mom and us kids great.  So now, every once in a while I am going to do what I call a story from…

Because trust me. This man lives in his own world.

It’s going to be random and bizarre. But I hope you like it.

If you don’t, jog on.

So without further ado- the first instalment of Wally’s World that was originally delivered to me on the back of a used napkin after buffalo wings.

13 thoughts on “Wally’s World I

  1. Hey there! I saw you requested to view my blog. My mistake, I accidentally had the url for my non-existent word-press site up! This comment links to my real blog over at blogger.

    Thanks for your interest!

  2. Completely unrelated question: Is it ok if I pin your work on pinterest, or would you prefer that people don’t? I’m concerned about the crazy pinterest TOS: 100% of copyright issues (and expenses) on pinners, 0% on the site. So I’m just double-checking with every blogger whose work I’ve pinned on my illustrated blogs board: http://pinterest.com/lovelifeproject/illustrated-blog-posts/

    If you want me to take any of your images down, I’ll be happy to.


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