Why I am a total wuss

Okay, so I did something rather daring last weekend. I got my nose pierced! It was one of those things that as soon as it got into my head, I HAD to do it before I talked myself out of it.  My husband was not thrilled- but hey, it wasn’t HIS nose getting a needle through it!

I got my awesome friend Laura to film it (what a trooper!) and I won’t lie – I made a tons of comics for this blog and then realized… nothing explained it quite like the video. And so, I give you an OBN exclusive –  a glimpse into my life!

In case it scares you too much – here is the Before and After!



6 thoughts on “Why I am a total wuss

  1. I never noticed before, but right after the metal tube part it fully looks like you’re going to pass out. Or maybe you were just rolling your eyes. Glad I could be a part of the epic-ness! (ps – I hope you’ve been cleaning it but not OVER cleaning it.)

  2. Totally died laughing through this whole video.

    “How do you feel?”…”Like I have a freaking needle in my nose!”…. (Lady who does not realize what sarcasm is: “That’s because you DO!”).

    I love you.

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