Why I hated going to class in University

So, at my old University Alma mater there was a Canadian geese problem. And when I say problem, I of course mean infestation.   They were everywhere, creating havoc for students between classes. You see, these stupid geese would lay their eggs around campus. And geese are very territorial. You can probably see where this story is going.

I was heading towards one of my psych classes, sad that I was actually attending courses instead of going to the movies like I usually did.

I suppose that as I daydreamed, walking along the path towards my class I went too close to a nest of geese eggs hidden in the grass.

All of a sudden there was a rustle to my left and I felt my heart stop. My eyes began to dart back and forth madly.

And suddenly it came slowly into view.

And it looked ready to devour me. As most animals look when defending their young.

As you can well imagine I almost voided my bowels as this carnivorous goose ran at me, wings flapping and a look of anger in its eyes.

And so I did what any rational person would do.

I threw a textbook at it.

And I never went to another class again.

Just kidding!

I did go, I just barely paid attention.




9 thoughts on “Why I hated going to class in University

  1. In undergrad, our college had swans. On purpose. It was not considered a “problem” even though they had to send out repeated warnings to all students. Apparently one swoop of a swan’s wing can break a human’s arm. I took the longest route possible to class each day so as to avoid the scenic ponds which were guarded by the murderous fowl. I would have totally thrown a book, too.

  2. Geese are seriously scary. I love your goose-head picture, that’s just how I think of them in my mind’s eye. Once I was at the river with 3 toddlers and some bread. The geese came over to attack us, I mean get some bread, and we ended up having to run for it because they were hissing and ready for blood once we ran out of bread. I was totally freaked out, but the kids thought it was funny.

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