What I’ve decided about presents.

This past weekend was a great Christmas. Not only was it filled with fun parties, delicious food and most of all – a time to relax and spend quality time with family; it also included presents! Which, you probably don’t know, are one of my favorite things.

It also made me realize that people love getting presents. No matter what. So, when something happened this week, it made me consider something… If people love presents, we should all just carry around small presents to give if we offend someone. It would make life so much easier… and nice!

Consider the scene that happened last week.

Blissful sleep. At 3:00 AM I was in the middle of a really cool dream about flying and Michael Fassbender. Point: NOT something I want to be woken from. But I was. Rudely, by a bunch of drunks in the hallway outside my door.

At this point, I forced myself back to sleep. But if I had acted on my rage, it would have gone something like this (I know from experience. I have yelled at a lot of drunk people after being woken up.)

Except we know what drunk people are like when angered. They are sort of unpredictable like monkeys. Either they stare and giggle at you like morons, or they get angry and give you the finger.



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