I am getting old.

So, it’s come to my attention in the last year or so, that I am aging. And badly.

It was first brought to my attention early last year when I realized… I had a TON of gray hair. Like, not just a bit…a full on bush of grey mane that had been thus concealed by all my large hairbands.

This was upsetting enough. Later on I was required to get my Class 4 Drivers license. To obtain that, I needed to do a physical which included an eye test. I had previously had 20/20 vision. I was an orb-genius. Unfortunately, when I went this time… things were different.

Needless to say… I have to wear glasses when I drive.

And then let’s not forget when I tried listening to FM for the first time in months.

So, I decided that I would do something mature for my birthday. Dinner and a show. I had heard recommendations from this place in Poco, and decided to go.  I heard the show was supposed to be really funny.

Then we got there and found out there was a ton of audience participation. And they knew it was my birthday. Yikes. Moments before the show was supposed to start, a frightening woman grasped me heartily by the arm.

And this is how I rang in my 26th birthday.

Super mature. I can’t tell if I’m getting old or just getting more ridiculous with every passing year.




4 thoughts on “I am getting old.

  1. I am going to be 28 in June. Around my 26th birthday, I woke up one day with a forehead wrinkle. It was not there the day before. The wrinkle just “was” one day. I went out and bought expensive wrinkle creams after that. I never remember to use them though. Probably because I am getting old. The memory is the first to go, after The Wrinkle comes.

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