The day I saw my husband at 17.

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA in so long! When I got back from our anniversary trip I was suddenly very busy with tons of extracurricular things that hadn’t previously existed! (One example:  I joined a choir!) But I managed to have awkward moments since then and so I thought I should update! That and my husband has been on my case for the past month to finish a blog entry already.

Okay – so this story actually involves time travel. Okay, imaginary time travel.

I was picking up my husband from the nearby Safeway last week when I happened to glance in the windows, driving by. There is a popular coffee shop inside Safeway’s now , which I find weird but that’s not the point. The reason I stopped the car in its tracks was this – the tall figure with its back to me standing  looked like my husband from behind. I honked the horn to say – hey, I’m here – when he turned around and I gasped.

It was my husband at 17. His twin, but his twin from years ago! There was no goatee, but the blue eyes, the narrow tall frame was his. It WAS him but 14 years ealier! I immediately pulled over and parked, dialing my husband in a flurry to say the following:

Not surprisingly, he did not return my call and that rant was left on his voice mail for him to laugh at me for later.  But because I am me, this did not deter me- I was determined to have contact with young-husband.  As luck would have it – as I rounded on the Starbucks that my husband’s-younger-twin was working at, my husband was scant feet away looking at bread. It was a meeting of two worlds.  Up close the young man looked more like 15, which was weirder to me.

I tried my best to covertly inform my husband of this strange occurrence right out of the Twilight-Zone.

My husband was not impressed, nor interested. And by the time I got his stupid goatee-d face to look over to the coffee shop, the twin was GONE! Just like in the movies. I started running around the coffee shop, looking for him. But he was amiss.

By the time I was finished trying to hunt down what I call the time traveling twin clone, my husband was already at those stupid self-check outs that tell you “something unexpected in baggage area“ which is dumb because we’re in a grocery store. What is MORE expected than groceries? But I  digress.

I figured if I got a photo of him on my crappy phone I would have evidence of the twin issue. Unfortunately, if you know me, you know that subtlety is not a trait I come by naturally.

So I hid behind some coffee until the twin had returned – which fortunately he had to serve overpriced coffee to the masses. I thought that I would look like someone who was trying to decide which coffee to buy.

What I think I looked like was a shoplifter.

Horrified that I’d been caught, I tried to catch my breath whilst simultaneously motioning for my husband to come in my direction to see this perversion of nature.  He did not meet my eyes.

So I tried again.

And this is what greeted me.

It was at this point that I ran over to my husband and steered him for the exit, explaining that past-him thought I was flirting with him and that we needed to promptly exit. Thank goodness my husband has a good sense of humour. He quickly did a scan of ‘younger him’ before we returned to the car.

According to him,  his former twin looked nothing like him at all.


Just great.




6 thoughts on “The day I saw my husband at 17.

    • Yeah, I sometimes think I am the star of my own action movie. Plus I have back up to my theory that PROVES I’m not insane – my friend Rachel went in a week later to shop and she saw the guy and she CONFIRMED that it was definitely my husband at 17. Time travel, man. Time travel.

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