When I wanted to be a vampire bunny.

Hey, I have been doing as many updates as possible for the last bit because I am going away on vacation on Friday and will not return until the following Saturday so there will be no updates. BECAUSE I’LL BE ON VACATION. Sweet, sweet bliss. I am going to read until I get sick of- okay, that’s not possible. But it’s going to be a welcome reprieve!

But, on with the story.

Okay, I went through a lot of weird phases as a kid. Wanting to be a mermaid, a gargoyle (my dad made me wings and…well, that’s another story) and a myriad of other things. For a while, I was pretty sure I was going to be a wizard for a career.  But one that I hold near to dear as a coming of age tale, is when I went through the stage of wanting to be a vampire bunny named Bunnicula.

It all started at the tender age of five, when my Dad brought home a book for me called Bunnicula. If you haven’t read it, DO IT. Even though it’s a kid’s book, it’s amazing. Even the movie is amazing, even if it deviates from the book. Just… love it.

I remember be rapt at the story, thinking how neat it would be to be such a sly, scary creature.

And so what 5-year-old wants to be their boring old 5-year-old self? I sure didn’t! And the more I wanted to be a vampire bunny, the more it seemed possible. Why, I loved scaring people! Until one day….

(Let’s just put aside the fact that I was a human and obviously not a bunny.)

Other creatures were afraid of Bunnicula because they feared his vampire-ous rage. I needed a new angle. Forget the veggies, I needed something more.

After no victims and no other success, I found my niche. A coffin!

(To be fair, I had snuck down to the party when my parents weren’t looking and hid in the box until the party moved to the room I was in. This was exciting for me. And I giggled the entire time watching stuff go on. Until that d-word drunkenly picked me up.)

Now, if only I could find a cardboard box big enough…

3 thoughts on “When I wanted to be a vampire bunny.

  1. That book scared the crap out of me when I read it. I’m glad the drunk a-hole didn’t permanently put Bunnicula to rest. 🙂

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