Best cat owners

Having just adopted a kitten from the SPCA almost six months ago, it has come to my attention that there are few perfect people to adopt them. Not everyone should have a cat. But I have lumped it into three categories that will help you decide if adopting a cat is for you.


The young child adoption.

This kid will love this cat with its entire heart. Maybe too hard. It’ll pet him and love him and play with him FOREVER. Or….two weeks when he gets to be old news. Kid’s are awesome and their capacity to love is continually awe inspiring. But when adopting a kitten – either have a kid that gets that a kitten is forever, or just get a goldfish.



The 20’s/30’s urban professional

This is where I fall under and I can tell you – that while I LOVE spending time with Gizmo my cat, I am busy. Between work and friends and everything else I feel like Gizmo may not be getting all the attention I wish I could give him. Professionals are those trying to advance, their lives are constantly in flux therefore, they do not make the perfect cat owner.



The Elderly

Okay – these people have stability, the time to spend with the ones they care about and lots of love to share! They mke the ULTIMATE cat people. You know cat people and how they’re always old? There’s a reason.




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