Sister has left the building.

My sister is gone. Gone back to Kamloops to hang with her friends and tell stories about our awesome week. But I am left feeling…well, sad. I didn’t realize how much a kid can make life a.) more frustrating and b.) SO much more fun! She and I had a blast. Every little thing you and I take for granted a kid thinks is cooler than the cat’s pajama’s. So I give you some of the highlights of our awesome week.

Not pictured: Random carnival we came upon where I FREAKED out at the top of the ferris wheel (which I NEVER do), swimming in the ridiculously crowded wave pool, Angeline and my husband getting ice cream and going to the park while I was out, playing board games, going to see “Rango” (am I the only one on earth who didn’t enjoy that movie?) and our tearful goodbye.

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